Learn a new skill or improve your expertise. Learn to braid professionally with Learning with Ni-Ja's!



Learning with Ni-Ja's is a division of NI-JA'S EXQUISITE BRAIDING LLC.




Shy founded Learning with Ni-Ja's based on her exposure to the business of braiding and teaching. Shy, whose homeland is Barbados (in the Caribbean),started braiding from the age of 12 years as is part of her culture. She maintained her braiding hobby which she later translated to business. On her relocation to the USA she continued braiding on a part time basis and soon after transitioned into full time profession.

Shy believes that the key to builiding a business is about communication and superior customer service. This is aimed at getting a message across such that the recipient understands its content and meaning.


A message from Shy: "My skills and talents have made room for me over the years and I believe in passing on some of what I've learned to individuals who want to take control of their future. Braiding is hard work, but it sure is very rewarding."


Our goal is to successfully train students to become professional braiders and so they can go on to achieve their dreams by becoming self employed, starting their salons, work in a salon, add braiding to their careers, braiding their loved ones etc.