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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this braiding course for me?

    This course is intended for people who are interested in hair & beauty industry and want to start a braiding career, add braiding to their line of business or want to braid their loved ones

  2. What skills or experience do I need to qualify for the course?

    We require committment and persistence, that's it! The rest we can handle. 

  3. How is the training environment?

    We strive to maintain a friendly environment so that everyone can get the most out of these sessions.  However, since each class has a specific time block we ask that everyone comes equipped and prepared to learn.   

  4. Will I receive a certificate?

    Most definately.  Everyone that completes the program receives a certificate of achievement!

  5. How will I be assessed or graded?

    Our aim is to qualify you in the technique you choose. We start by giving you practical demonstration on how to achieve your chosen technique. You are then asked to practice what you have witnessed. We watch what you have done and if we notice that you have not yet picked up the technique, we continue to demonstrate it until you become confident. We maintain a close look at your work until you master it fully and become competent. You continue your task until completion of your style on the mannequin or live model's head.  You must demonstrate your ability to complete your chosen style.

  6. Do you offer any discounts?

    Absolutely.  10% discount is offered to individuals who enroll in 2 or more techniques, groups of 2 or more will also receive 10% off per person.  Also, receive 15% discount for registration paid in full.

  7. What options are open to me when I complete the course?

    After your training, you will be equipped to start your professional hair braiding business full / part time – working from home, become a freelance mobile braider, rent a space in a salon, open your salon; get a job in a salon, braid your friends /family

  8. What braiding qualification and experiences do the trainers have?

    Shy has over 18 years of hands on braiding experience.  She has successfully trained many braiders across the caribbean in this same regard.  To add to that her previous career as a Corporate Trainer and Sales Consultant in  Telecommunications demonstrates her ability to successfully train and mentor new and experienced professionals in mastering their Art.

  9. How will this course benefit me in the end?

    A professional braider can make up to $1500 per week.  The more styles you can master, the more $$ you can earn.  Depending on your committment and location you can be financially free if you apply the skills learned with us.

  10. Do you cater to out of town braiders?

    Absolutely! Please let us know where you will be coming from and all other relevant you so that we can properly accomodate you.  We can take care of your hotel, transfers etc., at no extra charge.  (Please note- - Even though our scheduling services are free; hotel cost, transfer fees etc., will be paid for by you).

  11. Will you be ever coming to my city?

    We are currently putting together a schedule for the following:  Miami, Washington (DC), Virginia, Dallas, Houston, Maryland and New York.  If you would like us to consider your town please email us so we can start our advertising campaign there!

  12. Do you supply all braiding tools / supplies for each course?

    This varies.  We supply the best quality hair for each technique.  However, all other supplies are provided by the student.  A list of supplies you will need to purchase will be emailed to you prior to enrollment.  Or you have the option to purchase our complete braiding kit ranging from $50 - $99 (depending on courses chosen).

  13. Do you require a deposit? If so how much?

    A small deposit of $75 is required for classes $200 or over.  For classes totaling less a $25 deposit  which goes toward the cost of your course is required.  Please note: Deposits become non-refundable for cases of no shows. No exceptions!! ALL fees must be paid in full by day 1 of class and PRIOR to start time!!

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